Meet Kahuna.
The world’s first mobile engagement engine.
Get deeper insights, personally relevant messaging that scales, and vastly increased engagement with the world’s #1 push marketing platform.

Push. Perfected.

Identify unique behaviors.

Kahuna’s engine provides real-time analytics, creating people profiles that reflect each individual’s behavior and preferences across mobile, web and tablet. Your people are automatically segmented and presented in beautiful, clear visualizations.

Push without being pushy.

Kahuna gives you the power to send out personalized push notifications in seconds - no spreadsheets, data analysis or SQL required. The Kahuna engine knows the optimal time and best device for reaching each customer.

The right rules of engagement.

Message customization doesn't stop with time and device. Marketers can create highly specific, highly targeted rules for engagement. Target your dormant users with a custom message based on rules and segmentation, deep link to a page within your app, and do it with zero development time.


Get to know millions of people personally.

Automatically understand each customer and deliver the right personalized message, at the right time, on the right device.


Kahuna does the rigorous work to help grow your mobile user base—that means both quantity of users and depth of engagement. We take a holistic view of mobile that goes way beyond determining one-time triggers. Instead, we treat your audience as life-long users.

Kahuna is more powerful. Simple.



Mobile users are people, too.

The Kahuna Engagement Engine™ captures analytics so you know when, where, and what notifications to send to your users. These tools, like Omni Channel Engagement Mapping, give you the power to create rules so you can target subsets of users with relevant notifications.

Information is what you make of it.

Kahuna goes far beyond data collection. Define your own demographics, set up trigger and behavior-based campaigns, and run campaigns to key users groups.


A/B Testing. Now with C, D, and E.

Kahuna makes testing simple and more effective. Save time by testing up to five messages within the same user base. Everything is measured and displayed in easy to understand visuals, helping you craft smarter and more powerful messages.

Our baseline is the bottom line.

Every action, every message, and every piece of data within the Kahuna engagement engine breaks down into traceable revenue and ROI. Because there’s no point if it isn’t helping your bottom line.


R.I.P. Blast Notifications

Kahuna’s Send Optimally™ is putting an end to blast notifications—the junk mail of the mobile world—by giving marketers personalization at massive scale. By customizing multiple layers of each push notification, marketers can create optimized engagement strategies that have already achieved 1,000% improvements.

Don’t track events. Track behaviors.

Unlike event-tracking systems, Kahuna automatically combines each user’s web and mobile behavior to create unified customer engagement profiles. With a click, choose the customer segments you want to nurture, activate or reward.

Right place, right time.

Kahuna analyzes each and every one of your customers’ habits to determine the best time to send them a notification. And it gets better: the engine can automatically limit messages, so you won’t accidentally annoy your users with multiple notifications.

The results are in.

Kahuna’s customers more than double engaged mobile users.

Kahuna personalized campaign
Non-personalized message
No message
  • New England Patriots

    Kahuna’s toolset takes engaging with our fans on our app to the next level. It helps separate our app from the dozens or more that sit on the average person’s phone
    Fred Kirsch,
    Vice President of Content, New England Patriots
  • Kahuna delivers incredible results because it’s so easy to send the right message to the right users.
    Brian Mead,
    Director of Product Management, Yahoo
  • Kahuna is the clear winner in marketing automation for mobile. We evaluated many mobile marketing providers, and Kahuna has a disruptive product well suited for 1-800-Flowers. It is a must have for mobile commerce companies.
    Amit Shah,
    Vice President, Mobile at 1800Flowers.com

Easy to use. Easier to install.

Engineers do smart, engineering things. Installing marketing software hardly seems like one of them. Kahuna was built to install fast with minimal development effort. Many of our customers have it up and running in 30 minutes. Plus, once Kahuna is installed, there’s no code to change. So your engineers can install it and get back to building.


Kahuna, Inc. is dedicated to the idea that the right marketing tools can deliver real results and change the fortunes of even the world’s best companies. We spend each and every day building those tools, and delivering them to our customers as partners in their growth. Our first amazing product is the Kahuna Engagement Engine™. It’s available for iOS, Android and mobile web and can be installed in about 30 minutes.


Adam started coding when he was 16, building GPS tracking systems in Matlab. The first early start-up he joined grew to a $3B IPO (iBeam Broadcasting) - after that he was hooked on start-ups. For the first seven years of his career, Adam held Engineering and Product roles at Oracle and Facebook. Before starting Kahuna, Adam funded companies at Menlo Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures.

Outside of work, Adam created the Glow Foundation, a non-profit that has helped tens of thousands of students and improved financial literacy in America since 2006.

Adam received his BS in Computer Science from Stanford University, then went back to get his MBA at the Stanford GSB a number of years later.


Jacob started his first funded programming project at age 14 prototyping his dream of a massively multiplayer online role playing game. For the first years of his career, Jacob built high performing, rock solid systems at Symantec and Epiphany.

Before starting Kahuna, Jacob was the Co-Founding CTO of SugarCRM Inc., driving the company from initial vision to millions of installations around the world.

Jacob received his BS in Computer Science and MS in Artificial Intelligence from University of California, Los Angeles.

There is no conversion without customer engagement. Understanding how and why your customers use your apps, and acting on that insight, is critical to building a great online business.
Bloomreach, CEO
User Engagement Analysis is critical to understanding how people value your service, and more importantly, why they come back again and again. Kahuna is the first company I have seen that successfully productized Engagement Analysis.
Pinterest, Head of Product
The 49ers want partners who share our passion for innovation. Kahuna was the easy choice for us with regards to our San Francisco 49ers app. They are truly best in class and we look forward to providing a mobile experience for our fans that is second to none.
San Francisco 49ers